California Business Loans

Business Loans in California: We keep your Business Going

  • Expanding your business in California can be rough due to the tough economic environment and credit markets. When your business experiences difficulty,you can apply for a Bank Loan. However, there are many restrictive guidelines and long waiting periods. There is a quicker and more efficient way to acquire the capital your business needs: An Arca Funding Term Loan. This method of funding will help you avoid interruptions in your daily activity due to non- sufficient funds or over-draft fees. Don’t wait 3 months for the Bank to decline you.
  • You can easily qualify for one of our Funding Programs. No collateral needed. Low Debt to Income ratio? No Problem. Our Loan programs are based on theamount of time you have been in business; your gross sales; credit; and overall health of Bank statements, and Financials.

Why Choose Arca Funding Business Loans In California?

We have helped thousands of merchants during the economic crises. We have over 30 years of combined experience in this industry. We are focused on providing California Small Business Loans with rates as low as 9% per year, over 5 years. We are very competitive as well as flexible. We can meet your financial needs with the right program. Choosing us will give you:

Ease. We do not require collateral because of our funding process. We have a structured Loan, where you sell a portion your future receivables at a discounted rate.

No Time Pressure. We have programs that go as long as 5 years

Flexibility. You can get qualified within 24 hours by visiting the “Qualify Now” section, complete the form and submit 4 months of your business’ Bank Statements. Once you qualify, you can choose from our various programs, and get funded 24 hours later.

How To Get a Small Business Loan In California

With us, getting your loan approved is easy. You just need to be in business for at least six months. We also require recent bank statements and credit card processing statements, if you process credit cards. This will help us tailor the best program to meet your business needs.

You can get your California Small Business Loan very simply and easily. Just keep us posted with your information through our “Qualify” section.