Starter Programs

Do you have low batch counts or sub-500 personal credit? Do most lenders refuse your loan application because of your business type?

Then you might just qualify for our Starter Program.

The Starter Program is a great alternative for business owners who are not qualified for other means of funding. It lets them meet the right lenders who can give them the working capital they need right away. There are different types of Starter Programs, based on lender requirements.

Static Starter Programs for example, lets a merchant consistently receive a fixed amount of money for his small business. A cash advance from this type of Starter Program doesn’t increase, even after multiple uses. This is also typically more expensive and has a higher holdback percentage.

A Graduated Starter Program on the other hand, allows a business owner to receive a cash advance at a lower factor rate and holdback percentage for the first loan. Once it is paid off, the lender might give up to 50% of what the merchant is currently processing. On the third loan, the business owner can be qualified for the full requested amount

Lenders in Starter Programs will require the following from business owners:

  • Most recent merchant processing statements over the last 4 months
  • 4 months’ worth of the newest  bank statements
  • A voided check
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Must also be current with his rent/mortgage payments

Businesses who have issues with their credit can qualify for Arca Credit Services. You inquire about our credit repair program through Here at Arca Funding we can provide you with the working capital your business needs and simultaneously repair your credit so you can qualify for our premium loan product.