Business Loan

Was your business loan application rejected?

Unfortunately, despite the fact that small business owners make up more than 50% of private sector workers, and are responsible for 75% of new jobs in our economy – they still can’t get the same funding opportunities as large companies. That’s because banks tend to favor bigger institutions that have lower failure rates as compared to small enterprises.

Aside from traditional business loans, small and medium businesses need other forms of financing. With the right kind of funding, they can expand their work, pay back debts, increase inventory, and realize their ideas. Arca Funding can provide the needed working capital to help small businesses achieve their goals.

Our Cash Advance Program is specifically targeted to small and medium enterprises that are not eligible for business loans from local banks. With minimal requirements, you can have your Merchant Cash Advance approved within 24 hours. To qualify, just fill out the application form and present us with three (3) months’ worth of credit card processing statements. It’s that simple. We can fund your business in 3-5 days!