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Arca Funding – Business Financing Solutions

Arca Funding is a Direct Lender specializing in fast working capital for small and medium-sized businesses. Our programs are diverse and flexible. We are able to leverage your future sales, in order to give you the money you need now. We also offer Term Loans and Equipment Leasing. Our easy payback options include Credit-Card Processing Splits, Lock-Box’s, and Daily, Weekly, or Monthly payment options for businesses that do not process credit cards. Our premium programs include traditional bank loan products. If you qualify, we go as low as 9% over a five year term.

Unlike regular loans, our cash advance product does NOT require any collateral or incur interest. The advance is automatically paid for by taking a small percentage of your credit card transactions or by a fixed ACH debited to your bank account until it is fully paid. Applying is quick, free, and easy! Simply fill out the form on the left to get started. Our friendly staff is always ready to help!

Do You Qualify For a Term Loan or MCA?

Many business owners are not familiar with Merchant Cash Advance as an alternative business financing solution. Those who have poor credit scores, or merchants in the retail and restaurant industries, often find it difficult to get a bank loan. Even if they did, it usually takes weeks or months for the proper paperwork. However, many of them can qualify for a sizable cash advance – some for even up to $500,000 – in a matter of days!

Here are 9 easy ways to tell if you will qualify for business funding:

  1. You own a business. Most lenders require at least six (6) months of operation. Some start-ups may qualify.
  2. You are current with your rent/mortgage. This is perhaps one of the most important references we will check. In some cases we may be willing to help a business owner who is a few months behind on their rent.
  3. Your business has healthy cash flow or processes Visa/Master Card transactions. We can advance the needed amount against future credit card receivables, and automatically collect payment from future credit card sales. This helps us qualify merchants with poor cash flow or high overdraft volume.
  4. You are not in bankruptcy. Most lenders want to know that you have no open bankruptcies – and if you did, that it’s been discharged for at least a year.
  5. You have above 500 for personal credit.Normally this does not play a huge role; however, your business might not qualify for the traditional cash advance if your personal credit is below 500. You may qualify for a Starter Program instead.
  6. You are current with your tax lien payments. We will want to see that you are on some sort of payment plan for your tax liens.
  7. You are up-to-date on your franchise and/or royalty fees.
  8. You can provide required paperwork. We will typically ask for four (4) months’ worth of your most recent bank statements, plus merchant processing statements in the last four (4) months. This may vary for every program and type of business.
  9. You are friendly! A merchant’s character actually plays an important role in obtaining a cash advance. During the interview, smile and be cooperative. We are unlikely to fund business owners who are rude or aloof.

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