Small Business Loans

Small business lending


A Small Business Loan is difficult to obtain today because many banks have tightened their lending practices. Getting a small business loan for those in the restaurant and retail industries can also pose challenges because of their business type. An average of 80% to 90% of small and medium businesses fail within their first year. That’s why local banks often refuse to offer small business financing arrangements. To obtain Loans For Small Businesses, merchants turn to alternative funding solutions, such as cash advance programs.

Arca Funding Cash Advance Solution

Our Merchant Cash Advance program caters to all business types; specifically to the restaurant industry. The system is built upon short-term practices, making it easy to receive your small business loan in a matter of days. There is NO collateral and NO payback deadlines. Technically, our small business grant is NOT a true loan because there is NO interest. It’s actually more of a purchase and sales agreement. To receive your business cash advance, you must agree to sell your future receivables at a discounted rate.

Qualifying for the program is fast and easy. Simply fill out the one-page application form, and submit 3 months’ worth of merchant processing statements. A member of our team would get back to you within 24 hours for the different programs you qualified in. Contracts can be available after you choose a program. You can get your business funded the very next day! Use your cash advance any way you like.

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