The Program

What is a Business Cash Advance? In this program, a business owner agrees to sell his future receivables at a discounted rate. The lender will then give the required amount for a fixed flat rate fee. In the Cash Advance Industry, the ‘flat rate’ is also called the ‘factor’. It is NOT to be confused as an interest.

To pay back the cash advance, the lender takes a small percentage – usually between 10%-25% – of the business owner’s Visa/MasterCard sales, until the entire amount is compensated. The percentage is fixed, but the actual dollar amount paid every month would vary because a merchant’s gross Visa/MasterCard sales differ each month as well. We also have ACH and lockbox options if your business qualifies.

A Business Cash Advance is also called ‘short-term lending’ as it typically lasts between 5 to 9 months. For longer term loans, inquire about our premium bank loan product. Business owners can feel secure knowing the exact sum they have to pay for each month. With automatic payback methods, there are NO late fees and LESS stress. There’s also no more need for collateral or a personal guarantor.

To read about the qualification process click here!